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The B.Ed course is a two-year professional degree program designed to provide the necessary knowledge for individuals aspiring to become teachers.


It is considered the initial formal education for educators, primarily aiming to prepare candidates for senior secondary teaching positions.


The program is ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in teaching, planning and policy development, curriculum development, examination management, and student counselling.


The B.Ed course is accredited by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).


Although the B.Ed course includes "bachelor's" in its name, it is not an undergraduate degree and requires candidates to have graduated with an aggregate of 50% or more.


B.Ed can be pursued through various modes, including full-time regular B.Ed, distance B.Ed, part-time B.Ed, and integrated B.Ed, with the duration varying according to the specific course.


Admission to B.Ed courses can be obtained through merit or entrance exams.



D.El.Ed is short for Diploma in Elementary Education, a two-year full-time diploma course that aims to train teachers for primary-level teaching. The course curriculum is designed to give students a solid understanding of various teaching concepts, including child management principles, educational practices, and the crucial role that teachers play in shaping children's personalities.


The DElEd course includes theoretical and practical components, with classes and an internship to give students a deeper insight into real-life teaching situations.


Some of the main job roles for D.El.Ed. graduates include Elementary School Teachers, Childcare Providers, Content Reviewers, and Educational Consultants.


With the primary focus on education at the elementary level, prominent employers include Kindergartens, Nursery Schools, and Montessori Schools.


After completing the course, individuals can also take the CTET or state-level TET exams to improve their job prospects.


Candidates can pursue further education by enrolling in programs such as B.Ed and M.Ed.

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4yrs integrated.

M.Ed stands for Master of Education, a two-year postgraduate degree program designed for individuals who aspire to pursue careers as teachers, principals, or in other educational roles.


The program covers a wide range of subjects, including educational theory, teaching methods, evaluation, and curriculum design. Completing an M.Ed in India can prepare you to become a highly qualified and influential educator, shaping the minds of young learners.

This program follows the guidelines of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and emphasizes imparting knowledge to help students consolidate their understanding of the education sector, gain expertise in specific areas, and develop strong research skills.

To be eligible for M.Ed programs, candidates must have graduated in a relevant educational field, such as B.Ed. or D.Ed., with an aggregate score of 50% or higher. Admission to M.Ed programs is based on entrance exams.

After completing an M.Ed, there are numerous promising career opportunities in the education sector, including roles such as teachers, curriculum developers, education administrators, content writers, and education policy analysts.

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